Adventure Courses

Adventure for Children

This course is offered to school children between 12 years to 17 years of age. Adventure Course is based on “Outward Bound Movement” to adjudge the hidden capabilities of teenagers through the outdoor pursuits. Students are trained in Rock Climbing (both Artificial and Natural), Mountain Rescue, Snow and Ice Craft. They are also put in various types of obstacles, bush craft, gorilla wars, river crossing and night navigation.

Itinerary 10 days

  • Day 1 : Acclimatization walk, Introductory Lecture, Registration, Show Room, Issue of Equipment.
  • Day 2 : Lecture on Principles of Rock Climbing, Knot Practice, Bouldering.
  • Day 3 : Climbing on long pitch, Rappelling, Knot Practice, lecture On Mountain Hazards.
  • Day 4 : Jumaring, Artificial Climbing, Chimney Climbing, Lecture on Map reading & Stretcher Making.
  • Day 5 : Trek to Kareri 13km 1800m Night out, Lecture On Mountain Terms, Rescue Drills, C Puly, Z Puly system. Anchor & Belay Practice.
  • Day 6 : Trek to Guna Devi, Lecture On Camp Hygiene, Bush Craft & Gorilla War, River Crossing.
  • Day 7 : Trek to Campus. (Resume of the Trekking ).
  • Day 8 : Trek to Triund 9km 2975 m Night out. Survival in the mountains, Cross Country, Snake race, Initiative Tests.
  • Day 9 : Move to Glacier for Ice Craft, self-arrest, Glissading, Crevasse rescue. Back to camp at Triund.
  • Day 10 : Triund to Campus, Written Test, Interview, P.O.P. Campfire, De-briefing.

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Basic Paragliding

Fly like a bird. The dream comes true. Paragliding Basic (5 days) and Intermediate (7 days) courses are conducted at the most popular international site Bir-Billing at Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.P. which has been a venue for the international paragliding rallies since 1984. Basic Paragliding course for 5 days is conducted at ‘Dhelu’ near Jogindernagar and Intermediate course for 7days at Billing 14 Km from Bir town .

Itinerary 5 days

  • Day 1 Welcome introduction, verification of documents, Lecture on Basic knowledge of Paragliding, Introduction to the equipment and its handling, wind study controlling gliders, safety & rescue methods. All theoretical lectures are delivered pre-flying.
  • Day 2 Lecture on Thermals, weather conditions, appropriate hours for flying, check of all equipments i.e. compass, GPS (Global Positioning System), Parachute , Altimeter etc. are a prime requisite and such equipments are provided by the organization.
  • Day 3 Move to the take of site. Display of the gliders. Take off and landing practice. Basic instructions.
  • Day 4 Demonstration and practice trials during the day. Turning and controlling the gliders in odd situations.
  • Day 5 Theoretical and Practical flying test. Safety and rescue drills. maneuvering skills and final tips. De-briefing & Campfire. Test of maneuvering and skills and final tips. De-briefing & Campfire.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing courses can be conducted at the door step of the sponsoring institution, school, college and clubs if suitable rocks exist in the vicinity/surrounding areas. (Only in India).

Itinerary 5  - 8 days

  • Day 1 Briefing and sight seeing. Lecture on Himalayan Topography.
  • Day 2 Lecture on Principles of Rock Climbing & Mountain Manners, Demo & Practice.
    Day 3 Bouldring & Rock Climbing Demonstration and Practice. Lecture on Rope and Knots, Rescue drills, C Pulley & Z Pulley system.
  • Day 4 Lecture on Rappelling & Mountain Hazards and Knot practice, Lecture On anchoring, static and dynamic Belay.
  • Day 5 Long Pitch Climbing and Rappelling & lecture on survival.
  • Day 6 Artificial Climbing and Lecture on Map Reading and Debate on any current topic.
  • Day 7 Jummaring and lecture on Weather, Night Navigation
  • Day 8 Stretcher making and lecture on First Aid. De-briefing.

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Water Sports

Aquatic sports activities will be conducted at International Ramser Site Pongdam (Maharana Pratap Sagar) about 110 km from McLeodganj. This activity can be combined with treks and departure can be either from Pongdam or vice versa. Swimming costumes will be brought by the trainees and water safety equipment and other training equipment will be supplied by the organization. Training is imparted by professional and qualified instructors.

Itinerary 5 days

  • Day 1 Reporting at Pong Dam, briefing and introductory lectures.
  • Day 2 Visit to the equipment exhibition showroom. Brief introduction of equipments & their use. Move to the site and practice swimming.
  • Day 3 Canoeing, kayaking in still water. Capsizing drill.
  • Day 4 Sailing, Surfing and water skiing. Demonstration and Practice.
  • Day 5 Trip to Ramsar resort on a motor boat. Return of equipment and de-briefing & Departure.

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