Rock climbing

Rock climbing courses can be conducted at the door step of the sponsoring institution, school, college and clubs if suitable rocks exist in the vicinity/surrounding areas.
(Only in India).

5 to 8


Day 1 Briefing and sight seeing. Lecture on Himalayan Topography.

Day 2 Lecture on Principles of Rock Climbing & Mountain Manners, Demo & Practice.

Day 3 Bouldring & Rock Climbing Demonstration and Practice. Lecture on Rope and Knots, Rescue drills, C Pulley & Z Pulley system.

Day 4 Lecture on Rappelling & Mountain Hazards and Knot practice, Lecture On anchoring, static and dynamic Belay.

Day 5 Long Pitch Climbing and Rappelling & lecture on survival.

Day 6 Artificial Climbing and Lecture on Map Reading and Debate on any current topic.

Day 7 Jummaring and lecture on Weather, Night Navigation

Day 8 Stretcher making and lecture on First Aid. De-briefing.

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