Himalayan Heights Adventure is an organization of Professional Mountaineers, nature lovers, ecologists and cross country trekkers. HHA (Himalayan Heights Adventure) organization also conducts yoga and meditation classes on a trek to freshen and energize the trekkers and mountaineers. HHA is housed in a very spacious place known as EKANT LODGE having magnificent views of two big mountains i.e. Moon Peak (4650 M) and Dhauladhar Matterhorn (4950M).

Ekant Lodge provide decent accommodation with attached toilets/baths and hot shower and offers sumptuous meals to the trainees at the campus as well as on a trek. HHA acquires brand new camping and technical equipments. Nature camping/ jungle safari is specially offered for aged and luxury class who just want to have taste of Himalayan heights. Sole idea is to offer adventure training based on ‘Outward Bound Movements’ to the youth of the country and to inculcate in them a sense of discipline, national integration, patriotism, love for nature and an awareness for the Himalayan environment, fauna and flora and cultural glimpses of the hill tribes in this mighty range.

One can demonstrate and exhibit his skills and hidden talents while undergoing such out-door pursuits. Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges are most suitable for alpine climbing, High Altitude Treks, Cross-country trails, Rock climbing, snow and ice craft, rescue drills, star gazing etc. This region is termed as trekker’s paradise and a playground for the novice mountaineers. The gray mountain range, which is popularly known as the ‘Dhauladhar’ the Outer Himalaya, is spread over 150 km in length from north to east and serves as a mirror to the inhabitants of Chamba and Kangra valleys.