Moon peak

Moon Peak can be attempted through a ridge on the right side of the Illaqua glacier straightway to the top. The other possibility to scale Moon Peak is to climb the Indrahara Pass (4350 metres) and then traverse a ridge on the other side of the pass and approach the peak in most easy way. This route is safe and easier one. The winter ascent to other peaks requires a good technical knowledge and one must have proper climbing gears.

4610 metres
May – November


Day 1 9km Mcleodganj Triund 2875M.

Day 2 5km Triund to Lahesh Cave 3500M

Day 3 7km Lahesh Cave to Mun Peak 4610M. over Indrahara Pass 4350M. Back to Lahesh Cave.

Day 4 5km Lahesh Cave to Triund

Day 5 9km Triund to Mcleodganj

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