1 Accommodation in well furnished double bedded rooms.

2 Meals from day one to last day.

3 Courses are conducted by professional trainers.

4 Complete Safety and Rescue ensured during the Trek.

5 Camping and Technical equipments supplied at the Campus.

6 Communication network on wireless/mobile.

7 TV in the Lounge.

8 Videos & Photo Exhibitions

9 We show videos of each trek prior to commencement.

10 Photo exhibitions of each trek.

11 Maps & Books of all treks in Himachal Pradesh are available.

Our Aim

1 Quality Training and adequate care.

2 Quality and hygienic food both at Field and at Campus.

3 Sumptuous & high calories menu served on a trek.

4 Best quality gears and camping equipment provided.

5 Impart lectures on various subjects.

6 Arrange slide shows of trekking trails.

7 Teach about environment, ecology and conservation.