Danser lake

Danser Lake is one of the highest lakes in Dhauladhar. It is locaed at an elevation of 4250 Mts. on the foot hill of Ghora Lotnu Peak. This lake like other lakes of Outer Himalaya is held very sacred for the local people. This trek is one of the finest treks that passes through very scenic places and valleys of Chhotabhangal; the tribal region of Himalayas

May to November


Day 1 125km Mcleodganj to Lohardi (by bus)

Day 2 10km Lohardi to Jwara (Lahesh Cave)

Day 3 12km Lahesh Cave to Dansar Lake cross over Sari Pass (3700m)

Day 4 9km Dansar Lake to Marardh

Day 5 15km Marardh to Barot

Day 6 125km Barot to MaLeodganj (by bus)

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