Chamba over minkiani pass

This is a fine trek passing through innumerable streams, rivulets, deep and dense jungle with rich fauna and flora. Villages along the route are located on steep slopes. The yellow and green terraced fields that interspaced them are a photographer’s delight. The village folk from Kareri and adjoining villages are frequently seen on this trail winding their way to the nearest market with pots of milk, vegetables and other agricultural products. This route is also followed by many army patrols, trekkers and by local people and nomadic tribes.

May to November


Day 1 13km Mcleodganj Kareri 1900M.

Day 2 13km Kareri to Kareri Lake 3200M

Day 3 8km Kareri Lake to Minkiani Gote 3500M. over Minkiani Pass 4250M.

Day 4 20km Minkiani Gote to Lam Dal 3900M.& Drakund 2730M.

Day 5 9km Drakund to Dunali.

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