Chamba over indrahara pass

This trek provides a very scenic view of both Kangra and Chamba valleys and offers distant views of the Middle and Greater Himalayas. The other side of the pass remains snow-covered until mid July. The mountain ridges are free from snow during July and August and post monsoon months. After melting of the snow, these sloped ridges are converted into pastures for the flocks of Gaddis who stay here until October end. Whole area has variety of alpine flowers and herbal plants.

May to November


Day 1 9km Mcleodganj to Triund 2875M.

Day 2 5km Triund to Lahesh Cave 3500M.

Day 3 7km Lahesh Cave to Chhata Parao 3700M. over Indrahara Pass 4350M.

Day 4 14km Chhata Parao to Kwarsi 2730M.

Day 5 8km Kwarsi to Lamu/Choli Village

Choli Village about one km from Lamu is a bus head. From here few busses are available to Kharamukh about 14 km on the main Chamba – Bharmour road. From Kharamukh, one has the choice of coming down to Chamba (50 km) or boarding a bus for bharmour (14 km).

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