Kullu over sari pass

This trek is becoming more and more popular these days being very short and having an easy access to the Kullu valley. This trek is very scenic and offers wonderful opportunities for the foreigners to go on various passes in this region.

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Chamba over talang pass

Talang Pass (4643 m) is one of the highest and difficult passes on the Dhauladhar range. This pass is located at the head of the Ban Ganga River, and north of the main Chamunda temple between Narwana, Jia and Holi, this pass rise abruptly from an elevation of 2500 m to 4643 m. The routes from Ravi valley side starting from Holi and Majheran are moderately steep and involve a long walk on a snowy track. This pass is crossable only by men, sheep and goats and not by mules and other cattle’s. With alpine pastures and vast grazing meadows, this area is a treasure land for gaddis and Gujjars. To the northwest of this pass is one of the highest peak of this snowy range towering above all others (4916m ) known as the ‘Dhauladhar Matterhorn’ or ‘Gauri Junda’. More →

Chamba over bleni pass

The trek to Bleni Pass goes from the left of Kareri Lake through a very thick dense forest along sloping ridges below which are deep gorges and ravines. The region is full of wild life. Bleni Pass is at a low altitude and is a easier pass. It is frequented mostly by Gujjars and Gaddis from the nearby villages because of extensive pasturelands. Clusters of dense conifers and different kinds of perennial flowers are a rare treat offered by this place. The distances are longer along this pass as compared to Minkiani Pass and the trails are confusing.

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