Basic paragliding

Fly like a bird. The dream comes true. Paragliding Basic (5 days) and Intermediate (7 days) courses are conducted at the most popular international site Bir-Billing at Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.P. which has been a venue for the international paragliding rallies since 1984. Basic Paragliding course for 5 days is conducted at ‘Dhelu’ near Jogindernagar and Intermediate course for 7days at Billing 14 Km from Bir town .

5 to 7
Basic, Intermediate


Day 1 Welcome introduction, verification of documents, Lecture on Basic knowledge of Paragliding, Introduction to the equipment and its handling, wind study controlling gliders, safety & rescue methods. All theoretical lectures are delivered pre-flying.

Day 2 Lecture on Thermals, weather conditions, appropriate hours for flying, check of all equipments i.e. compass, GPS (Global Positioning System), Parachute , Altimeter etc. are a prime requisite and such equipments are provided by the organization.

Day 3 Move to the take of site. Display of the gliders. Take off and landing practice. Basic instructions.

Day 4 Demonstration and practice trials during the day. Turning and controlling the gliders in odd situations.

Day 5 Theoretical and Practical flying test. Safety and rescue drills. maneuvering skills and final tips. De-briefing & Campfire. Test of maneuvering and skills and final tips. De-briefing & Campfire.

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