This course is offered to school children between 12 years to 17 years of age. Adventure Course is based on “Outward Bound Movement” to adjudge the hidden capabilities of teenagers through the outdoor pursuits. Students are trained in Rock Climbing (both Artificial and Natural), Mountain Rescue, Snow and Ice Craft. They are also put in various types of obstacles, bush craft, gorilla wars, river crossing and night navigation.



Day 1 Acclimatization walk, Introductory Lecture, Registration, Show Room, Issue of Equipment.

Day 2 Lecture on Principles of Rock Climbing, Knot Practice, Bouldering.

Day 3 Climbing on long pitch, Rappelling, Knot Practice, lecture On Mountain Hazards.

Day 4 Jumaring, Artificial Climbing, Chimney Climbing, Lecture on Map reading & Stretcher Making.

Day 5 Trek to Kareri 13km 1800m Night out, Lecture On Mountain Terms, Rescue Drills, C Puly, Z Puly system. Anchor & Belay Practice.

Day 6 Trek to Guna Devi, Lecture On Camp Hygiene, Bush Craft & Gorilla War, River Crossing.

Day 7 Trek to Campus. (Resume of the Trekking ).

Day 8 Trek to Triund 9km 2975 m Night out. Survival in the mountains, Cross Country, Snake race, Initiative Tests.

Day 9 Move to Glacier for Ice Craft, self-arrest, Glissading, Crevasse rescue. Back to camp at Triund.

Day 10 Triund to Campus, Written Test, Interview, P.O.P. Campfire, De-briefing.

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